CMSMS Showcase: Takin Design

CMSMS Showcase: Takin Design

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May 2017

Category: Design

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Persian webdesign support website with CMSMS

Third Party Plugins

Main modules: Lise, Ticket, Showtime slideshow, FAQ, FEU.
My design modules: Lise Blocks, Lise Hosting Services, Lise Payments Management, Lise Factor, Lise Invoice, Lise User Services, Lise Portfolio and ...


Ahoura Ghoreishi

Designer Website

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Tips, tricks, tutorials and videos to make it even easier to work with
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Embed YouTube video via a cookieless domain

Since the EU Cookie Law and the new General Data Protection Regulation law the use of (tracking) cookies is controversial. You need a cookie consent feature when embedding YouTube videos at your website to comply with these laws...

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Loading static content from a cookieless subdomain

Minimize your HTTP requests generating your CMS Made Simple-powered website by loading static content from a cookieless subdomain.

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Add maintenance information to the frontend for the content editor

Guide the content editor to correct place in the Admin area to update text.

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