About The Website

This site is created to showcase the beauty and awesomeness of CMS Made Simple™ and the designers who work with it. We hope you enjoy what's featured here.

Early 2011 Joni Mueller started the website WeLoveCMSMS.com because CMS Made Simple needed a spot where proud designers, developers and owners can show their websites.

However in 2016, her health and other obligations wouldn't let her keep up with the site anymore and Rolf Tjassens took it over. WeLoveCMSMS got a brand new custom build responsive theme, designed and built by Anne-Mieke Bovelett and Rolf. The content was revisited and... Well, what else is there to tell... you're looking at it!


Anne-Mieke / Rolf

Designer Websites



The CMS Made Simple™ name and logo is used under a limited license granted by the CMSMS Foundation, the trademark holder.

Technical Details

Designer Notes

For handling the data of the websites in the showcase we use the CGBlog module. Custom fields are created to store the information and upload a screenshot. The standard blog start time feature is used to schedule the publishing of website showcases. With CGSmartImage we process the screenshots for several spots at the site. The combination of these modules provide a flexible and stable base for its purpose here at WeLoveCMSMS.com.

Third Party Plugins

CMS Can Be Simple

Tips, tricks, tutorials and videos to make it even easier to work with
CMS Made Simple.

The LISE module

The LISE (short for List It Special Edition) module by JoMorg allows you to create lists that you can display throughout your website. A versatile module that you really have to try and see its many options!

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Redirect all incoming URL's to the correct canonical URL

There are multiple URL's to open a page at your website, this might have a bad influence at your SEO status and Analytics results.

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Very simple solution to protect some content with a password

In this tutorial Velden will show you a way to implement a poor man's solution to protect some content with a password. It will display a simple form to enter a password and press a submit button to get access to protect content.

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