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Site Submission Guidelines

Please make sure you adhere to our guidelines in submitting a site for the showcase.

  • The site must use CMS Made Simple (that seems obvious, but it does bear repeating!)
  • The site doesn't need to be designed by you, but if it is, we'd like you to share your design notes with us.
  • The site must not be a mirror site or redirect to any other site.
  • The site must not use the default theme or merely a slight modification of the default theme, but should show originality and clever use of good design principals.
  • The site may not be promoting or engaging in illegal activities.
  • Site links must be directly to the main page of the site, not a redirect or an alternative URL. Sites on a subdomain (e.g. will usually not be accepted. They may be rejected if the primary domain can't be verified or looks suspicious. They will evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • The site may not imply in any way that inclusion in the WeLoveCMSMS site showcase constitutes endorsement by CMS Made Simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide what sites make it into the showcase?

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive listing of CMSMS powered sites anywhere. At the same time, we want to keep the quality of the sites showcased as high as possible. We base our decision to include a site not only on its design (its curb appeal) but also the clever use of CMSMS and its modules (what's under the hood). We encourage you to be as detailed as possible about each site you submit as it helps us to make our decision.

How will I know if the website I submitted makes it into the showcase?

We currently are not notifying anyone whether or not their website has been added to the showcase. We recommend that you check the showcase from time to time to see if your site has been added.

Once my website is accepted into the showcase, will it always stay there?

Probably yes, but that is no guarantee. From time to time we will check the website if it still meets our guidelines. If not, we will remove it from the showcase without notice...

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