CMSMS Showcase: Dividendpagina

CMSMS Showcase: Dividendpagina

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May 2018

Category: Business and Finance

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Designer Notes

A private project which started in 2009 with a self-built php/mysql driven website. Because I wanted it to be easier to add content, more languages and new features I rebuilt the site with CMS Made Simple.

Third Party Plugins

Currently only one 3rd party module: LISE, though it has multiple instances; every language has it's own LISE instance for companies. Further there is in instance for agenda items and one for dividends.
The website heavily depends on LISE's useful api, e.g. to automatically create agenda-items when a dividend-date is added/changed.
Further some custom plugins for easily connecting everything together, like the main navigation which consists of normal pages and LISE items.
Smarty config files are used for the translations and some language specific settings.


CodeCovers (via ThemeForest)

Designer Website


Content Websites

Developer Website

CMS Can Be Simple

Tips, tricks, tutorials and videos to make it even easier to work with
CMS Made Simple.

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