CMSMS Showcase: Juliana verzekeringen

CMSMS Showcase: Juliana verzekeringen

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May 2016

Category: Business and Finance

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Designer Notes

Based on a bought template named 'Metrika'. Customized to customer's wishes and to work in CMS Made Simple.
Website uses ajax so pages are loaded as per request. Though individual pages are reachable by their own url too (for search engine results and direct linking).
The menu is automatically generated based on count of pages and position of separators in the CMSMS menu (content manager)
Same install hosts a second, similar website:


Content websites

Designer Website

CMS Can Be Simple

Tips, tricks, tutorials and videos to make it even easier to work with
CMS Made Simple.

Create a webshop in CMS Made Simple

Create a basic webshop using Products, Cart2 and Formbuilder modules. This method will provide a fully functional webshop, but without payment handling and order management. If you do need these, this tutorial will still be a good starting point for building your webshop in CMSMS.

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Next-page button for the Gbook module

Show guestbook replies from the Gbook module for CMSMS with "endless scrolling" instead of a paginated view.

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How to use SitemapMgr

SitemapMgr creates page and module sitemap, robots.txt and humans.txt files. Ready to use sitemaps for several modules like News, CGBlog and Products are included!

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